We care and provide for
our patients holistically:

Every patient is unique and requires a 
personalised therapy programme

Each patient is different with a unique disease and therefore needs an individual therapy programme adapted to their medical situation and options. Therapy combinations must be medically appropriate and are developed jointly by doctor and patient.

You can clarify initial questions about the procedure by making a free telephone call. You can make use of the personal introductory consultation without any financial risk, as the costs are covered by your health insurance.

The Hyperthermia Centre does not have set prices or flat-rate treatment costs. A holistic, biological cancer therapy must be individually adapted to the disease. The cost of treatment depends on the requirements, conditions, examinations, medications and extent of cancer treatment.

After a non-binding and personal consultation and examination, the costs are determined by the doctor or specialist staff and presented to you in a transparent manner.

The following treatments in our practice are subject to a fee:

Lab tests

Our laboratory diagnostics deals with the examination of body materials (blood, stool, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, smears) for the exclusion or confirmation of a disease or for therapy monitoring.

Darkfield diagnostics

By assessing the condition of the blood cells, the therapist can draw valuable conclusions about their functioning and identify potential disease risks early on. Darkfield microscopy also makes it possible to detect metabolic disorders and treat them in good time.

Loco-regional hyperthermia
Whole body hyperthermia

The word hyperthermia comes from Greek and means overheating. This term is used to describe various treatment methods in which areas of the body are brought to a temperature of up to 41°C in a controlled way.


Regelsberger's oxyvenation is an intravenous administration of pure medical oxygen and has been developed over more than thirty years of research into a therapy method with few side effects. It causes a strong vasodilatation and anti-inflammatory effects in the whole body.

Low dose therapy

The blood sugar lowering hormone is used to unlock the cells so that other drugs can enter the cell. Chemotherapeutic substances are mainly directed at cells that are dividing, which is characteristic of cancer cells. The blood sugar lowering hormone, in turn, paves the way for these substances to enter the cell more easily.

Photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy, PDT for short, is a therapeutic method for the treatment of tissue changes (e.g. tumours) with light in combination with a photosensitizer.


Ginger naturally contains a compound that kills tumour stem cells up to 10,000 times more effectively. 6-Shogaol is induced with the help of a disposable catheter as an infusion therapy and directly attacks so-called "stem cells". This method is suitable for many cancer diseases.

Laser blood irradiation

The novel intravascular laser irradiation of the blood by means of a disposable catheter can induce and demonstrate various positive effects on the metabolism and the immune system. This method is suitable for many chronic diseases.

Other procedures that incur costs include:

Ozone blood therapy
Magnetic field therapy
Nutrition consultation


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