Immune Checkpoint Blockades and Oncolytic Virotherapy: A powerfull combination to fight against cancer

Oncolytic viruses are classified as a new and breakthrough-performance  of cancer treatment although the research has been going on since more than a whole century. 

After surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy we reached a new state of pioneering concepts in understanding effective anti-cancer agents: Viruses.

As we understand today the oncolytic virus as a virus that selectively infects and lyses cancer cells while not affecting healthy cells of the organism. They can also perform as impressively active anticancer agents. Only a few as medical treatments specified viruses are approved for cancer therapy. Rigvir is one of the first it was registered 2004 in Latvia. 

The promising data of oncolytic viruses habe lately got another strong supporter: Checkpoint inhibitors have moved to the front if cancer treatments and of the research. 

What exactly are „checkpoint inhibitors“?

An important part of our immune system ist the ability to differentiate between normal cells in the body and those it sees as “foreign.” This lets the immune system attack the foreign cells while leaving the normal cells alone. To be able to work this war it uses “checkpoints” – molecules on certain immune cells that need to be activated (or inactivated) to start an immune response. Cancer cells sometimes find ways to use these checkpoints to avoid being attacked by the immune system. 

Immune checkpoint inhibitors are a type of drug that blocks proteins such as T cells and also cancer cells. These proteins help to regulate the inflammatory and immune responses. They hold immune response back and inhibit T cells from killing cancer cells. 

It is therefore essential for patients with particular type of cancer receiving a treatment of Immune checkpoint blockade. 

At cancer conferences around the world seems the combination of oncolytic virotherapy and immune checkpoint inhibitor combination treatment to be more than a new trend. It is anticipated as the new paradigm for fighting cancer.

The treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors are supposed to be strongly encouraged and  improved by the combination with oncolytic virotherapy, especially by the use of RIGVIR for patients with various types of cancer. Latest medical publications suggest that the combination of oncolytic virotherapy and immune checkpoint blockade  increases the response rates up to 62%. RIGVIR is also considered to be successfully used with other holistic, integrative or even conventional treatments. Also in April, 2018, the 11th International Congress of Oncolytic Virotherapy took place in Oxford, UK where many scientists demonstrated the results of the research by analysing the ability of viruses to improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy. The combination of virotherapy and immune checkpoint blockade generates synergistic anti-tumour effect. It definitely hold a lot of promise as cancer treatments.

If you would like to get further information on the oncolytic virotherapy or if you have any questions regarding the access to RIGVIR, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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