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Bioidentische Hormone bei Krebserkrankungen

Bestimmte bioidentische Hormone,  zum Beispiel Östriol oder Progesteron, können vor Krebs schützen und bei Krebserkrankungen eingesetzt werden. Was aber sind bioidentische Hormone? Naturidentische Hormone entstehen – ebenso wie synthetische Hormone – im Labor. Dennoch wirken sie wie die natürlichen im Körper vorkommenden Hormone. Ursprung der bioidentischen Hormone ist – genau wie bei vielen synthetischen Hormonen […]

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) – treat cancer cells with light

  Modern laser therapy helps cancer patients at the Hyperthermia Center Hanover Photodynamic therapy (PTD) is One of the most promising and gentle treatment approaches in biological cancer therapy: Tumor patients in the Hyperthermia Center in Hanover are now being treated with this relatively simple and gentle form of therapy consisting of a laser light in […]

New local hyperthermia machine EHY-3010

Dr. med. Peter. Wolf – Hyperthermia-Centre-Hannover – announces the arrival of the 5th local hyperthermia machine on wednesday 5th June 2013 and the 2nd whole body hyperthermia machine. The latest generation of hyperthermia technology is now used at the clinic of Dr. med. Peter Wolf. The Hyperthermia-Centre-Hannover now counts a total of 7 hyperthermia machines making […]

Book: Innovations in biological cancer therapy

In his book, “Innovations in biological cancer therapy”, Dr. Peter Wolf describes alternative cancer therapy options. Patients are increasingly looking for alternatives to chemotherapy or radiation therapy. These radiation alternatives and chemotherapy alternatives are vividly described in his book and compared to the standard cancer protocols. Vividly described is also the philosophy of Dr. Peter Wolf […]

B17, vitamin of the apricot. Apricot kernels against cancer

Chemists know the relationships: Laetrile develops a “bitter” effect, which can be directed against cancer cells. When laetrile, vitamin B17, is consumed, the liver activates a special enzyme (beta-glycosidase) to transform the vitamin B17, laetril, in a molecule of benzaldehyde (an analgesic) and a hydrogen cyanide molecule. Cyanide (prussic acid) is highly toxic and dangerous […]

Vitamin C protects from growth of cancer cells

Vitamin C protects the body from free radical cells (enhanced cell protection), reinforces the immune system and enhances the ingestion of iron coming from our nutrition. But this is not all, as scientists have discovered in the meantime. A sufficient supply of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is essential for a healthy body. And this for […]

Results according to the studies on hyperthermia

Several retrospective clinical studies are available to indicate the hyperthermia effects on patients (1)(2). Hyperthermia is commonly used for complex and very frequent tumors like lung, liver, pancreas, brain, gastrointestinal, gynecological, etc. cancers. We at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover use Oncotherm hyperthermia machines in our hyperthermia therapies. Oncotherm notes, that it has not performed – […]