Darkfield diagnostics

Darkfield diagnostics or darkfield microscopy is a special blood test developed in 1920 by Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein.

Using the darkfield microscope, the blood cells are brightly illuminated on a dark background, hence the name "darkfield". In this way their finest structures can be made visible.

At the beginning of the procedure, the doctor takes a few drops of blood from the patient's finger or earlobe. The blood is examined under the darkfield microscope immediately after being drawn. Using the finest and most modern equipment, deficiencies and chronic diseases, even early-stage cancer, can be detected before the patients show symptoms of a disease.

Thanks to darkfield diagnostics, potential illnesses can be treated in advance and the course of existing illnesses, organ weaknesses, hyperacidity, and oxygen deficiency can be tested and their therapeutic success can be traced.

In contrast to conventional laboratory blood tests, this diagnostic method provides information about the quality and functionality of the blood cells, their mobility and the environment in which they move.

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