The maintrac blood test is a laboratory diagnostic procedure that determines the number of tumour cells circulating in the blood and whether they are responsible for the development of metastases. The resulting dynamics enable well-founded statements to be made about current and future therapeutic measures. Since the blood sample is analysed in real time, it is also possible to quantitatively record CETCs / CTCs at an early stage of the disease, long before metastasis.

This diagnostic method, known for its high sensitivity, helps in the early detection of cancer or new tumour activity. Before starting treatment, maintrac measures the number of circulating cells and compares it with the number of cells in the course of therapy.

It can thus be determined with certainty whether the patient is responding to treatment and whether the therapy-relevant properties of a tumour cell exist.

Maintrac diagnostics at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover enable us to create personalised, individual therapies and monitor their success. If the procedure is repeated at certain intervals, it is possible to make reliable statements about the success of the therapy and the tumour activity.

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