The diagnostic portfolio of the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover includes the blood test known as RGCC ("Research Genetic Cancer Centre, also known as the "Greek Test"). It is part of a treatment tailored to the individual needs of our patients, i.e. the prerequisite for a tailor-made therapy plan.

The RGCC test makes the tumour cells circulating in the blood visible; it provides the exact tumour profile, so to speak. It not only detects cancer stem cells, but also whether they have the ability to metastasise. This diagnostic method also reliably shows which properties this particular tumour has and which drugs are effective against it.

Even years after an operation or cure, cancer cells continue to circulate or there is evidence of hidden tumour residuals in the blood. The test shows whether the patient is really reliably "cancer-free".

RGCC diagnostics can also be used to predict resistance to chemotherapy or antibiotics. The test covers all common chemotherapeutics, biological substances, antihormone therapeutics, immunotherapeutics and the genetic and epigenetic structure.

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