New local hyperthermia machine EHY-3010

Dr. med. Peter. Wolf – Hyperthermia-Centre-Hannover – announces the arrival of the 5th local hyperthermia machine on wednesday 5th June 2013 and the 2nd whole body hyperthermia machine. The latest generation of hyperthermia technology is now used at the clinic of Dr. med. Peter Wolf. The Hyperthermia-Centre-Hannover now counts a total of 7 hyperthermia machines making the clinic of Dr. med. Peter Wolf one of the biggest users of hyperthermia appliances in Germany.

With the EHY-3000, the Hyperthermia-Centre-Hannover, acquired the latest hyperthermia technology available today. Using a textile electrode, the EHY-3010 adopts even better to the tissue of patients body parts. Head, eye or ear tumors can be better reached with the EHY-3000 textile electrode, allowing for better heat allocation within the tumor cells. The textile electrodes of the EHY-3010 also have a high efficiency in real power output guaranteeing a stabilized temperature within the tumor tissue. The constant hight temperature within tumor cells through hyperthermia allow an even better cancer treatment.

The EHY-3010 local hyperthermia machine has an even better synergy with whole body hyperthermia. Thanks to the textile electrodes of the EHY-3000, tumor cells are subject to head at a constant level, allowing for greater cancer treatment efficiency. As whole body hyperthermia heats up the blood of a patient, the two hyperthermia treatments, local hyperthermia and whole body hyperthermia, allow for greater efficiencies and synergies between the two. Local hyperthermia heats only tumor tissue, whereas whole body hyperthermia heats up the blood of a patient. This synergy makes hyperthermia one of the best biological cancer therapies available today.

For patients, hyperthermia treatments have never been easier, as patients do not need any preparation, nor after-treatment care. “People who come to our clinic, come from far away. They need to take the train, drive a car or simply have to get back to work”, says Dr. med. Peter Wolf founder and chief medical doctor at the Hyperthermia-Centre-Hannover. “Cancer patients are seriously ill, but they need to stay connected with their live through interaction with friends, their work, their family. It helps them to get better and hyperthermia certainly is one of the most efficient and convenient alternative cancer therapy option”.

About the Hyperthermia-Centre-Hannover

The Hyperthermia-Centre-Hannover, clinic of Dr. med. Peter Wolf, in Germany provides biological cancer therapies. Non toxic cancer therapies include hyperthermia, low dose chemotherapy using an insulin potentiation therapy, high dosage vitamin C, amygdalin B17 infusions, DMSO, Dr Nieper’s gene repair therapy and the Gerson diet. Regulation and regeneration therapies make extensive use of homeopathic medicine trough special detoxification programs, infusions and the Gerson therapy. With more than 30 years of experience, the Hyperthermia-Centre-Hannover in Germany, uses today 7 hyperthermia machines, making it one of the biggest users of hyperthermia appliances in Germany.