B17, vitamin of the apricot. Apricot kernels against cancer

Chemists know the relationships: Laetrile develops a “bitter” effect, which can be directed against cancer cells. When laetrile, vitamin B17, is consumed, the liver activates a special enzyme (beta-glycosidase) to transform the vitamin B17, laetril, in a molecule of benzaldehyde (an analgesic) and a hydrogen cyanide molecule. Cyanide (prussic acid) is highly toxic and dangerous […]

Vitamin C protects from growth of cancer cells

Vitamin C protects the body from free radical cells (enhanced cell protection), reinforces the immune system and enhances the ingestion of iron coming from our nutrition. But this is not all, as scientists have discovered in the meantime. A sufficient supply of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is essential for a healthy body. And this for […]

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