Blood checks

Patients blood checks are commonly taken once a patient visits our clinic for the first time.

Whether patient’s are on block or contingency therapies or on regeneration or biological cancer therapies, the frequency with which blood checks are conducted will depend on a doctors necessity of new results or on patients wishes.

For cancer patients, Dr. Wolf is not evaluating the progress of cancer on pure tumor markers, but weights it against many more factors.


Using Bioscan, the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover has acquired an advanced biomedical system.

Bioscan can diagnose interconnected and interfering heath situations. In holistic medicine we ask ourselves why a certain health situation occurs in order to find the reason behind the symptoms patient endures. Using this information Dr Peter Wolf and Dr Tamara Gyoerfy can select adapted regeneration therapies all along while patients pursuit their biological cancer therapies.

The bioscan technology measures energy levels within our body and compares it to standard measures. A little bit like blood results. They compare your actual blood with standard measures and indicate deviations. But Bioscan is far more reaching, as it tells us if a patient supports certain medications, nutritions, therapies or suffers from electro-smog, environmental impacts, heavy metals and it shows the interrelation of these indicators.

Holistic diagnosis with the Wega Test Method

At the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover, we can effectively diagnose allergies, pain conditions, migraine or rheumatism, without any side effects with the Wegamed Test Expert Plus. For 30 years Dr. Voll’s Wega test has been a proven method of electro-acupuncture as a diagnostic device and is designed to comply with the highest technical standards.

The Wegamed Test Expert is able to provide a comprehensive health diagnosis: A wealth of diagnostic methods based on the bio-impedance measurement allows  doctors and therapists in our clinic to make diagnostic statements. The Wega-Check methode is a combination of Chinese medicine and cutting edge medical technology. With the WEGA-check method we can trace inflammation, organ stress or interference fields in the posterior region; identify organ relationships and the effect of viruses, bacteria or pollutants and incorporated each analysis into the individual regulative and regenerative therapy of our patient’s.

The Wega test method simplifies not only the diagnosis, but tracks effectively the underlaying health issues of the disease. And with the Wega test method our doctors and therapists can control the course of the therapy and document the success of the treatment. In this way patients can better understand the diagnoses and the treatment.

Wegamed Test Expert plus in detail:

  • Wega test is a low-frequency impulse current test: the interference field search is carried out by the application of electrical muscle stimulation.
  • A fully automatic Energy screening gives a short overview of the energy condition of the patient in only two minutes.
  • After the Energy screening, energy blockages can be treated through an electrical muscle stimulation.
  • Through an oral current measurement, the interactions between organs and teeth can be evaluated, and permanent overloads are identified.
  • The Meridian status measurement measures the meridian points in the hands and feet and provides more diagnostic information and therapeutic approaches.
  • Via the Biological index, the biological age of the patient can be determined by evaluating the soft connective tissue (Mesenchyme).



Using ultrasonography to monitor vital health signs is common practice in clinics.

On the left you can see Dr Tamara Gyoerfy with a patient performing an ultrasonography check.

Ultrasonography is an ultrasoound-based diagnostic medical imaging technique to visualize muscles, tendons and internal organs. Using sonography machines, their size, structure and pathological lesions can be seen in real time combining them with tomographic images.

The technology is relatively portable and easy to learn. The Hyperthermia Centre Hannover uses ultrasonography on a daily basis as it gives doctors vital information about therapy advances. When special diagnosis tools such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) are required, Dr Peter Wolf uses specialized doctors who’s core medical business is diagnosis, as only they have the equipment, trained staff and the experience to conduct these diagnosis.


Bioresonance testing detects harmful substances and their effects on a patient’s body. The testing itself is fast and painless.

Bioresonance testing will indicate bacteria, viruses, electromagnetic, dental materials, allergens, etc. which lead to health disorders and interfering health situations.
Whether bioresonance testing is an essential complement to a medical test patients have already conducted or used as an alternative test system, bioresonance tests provide valuable insights and important diagnostic and therapeutic assistance. Paired with more than 10 years of experience in bioresonance testing and bioresonance therapy,  our experience in bioresonance testing provides a comprehensive holistic approach to regeneration and therapies choices.

Bioresonance testing can be part of our diagnosis tools and be followed by a bioresonance therapy.