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Gerson therapy

About the Gerson therapy
The Gerson therapy, developed by the German doctor Dr Max Gerson, is the longest existing and most widely recognized treatment appealing to our body’s ability to heal itself. The Gerson diet uses an organic, vegetarian diet including raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements. Patients follow a very detailed standalone therapy plan with daily nutritional and natural supplements.

Our modified Gerson therapy
We integrate the Gerson therapy with our holistic approach to cancer, either as an integrative cancer therapy or as a standalone regeneration therapy. Patients coming to our clinic receive a broad spectrum of integrative cancer therapies, such as regulation, regeneration and integrative cancer therapies. In order to cope with all these therapies we are applying a modified gerson therapy.

Gerson therapy recipes
These recipes are an easy way to get started with the Gerson therapy and don’t take too much preparation. Use these great smoothies recipes as a guidance for you getting started with the Gerson therapy. Smoothies are easily prepared in the morning and last throughout the day. Use them when you are at home or when you are away and don’t forget organic smoothies are better than everything else available.

This regulative cancer therapy by Dr Wolf adds elements of a modified Gerson therapy to the daily therapy schedules of our patients.

With the addition of a modified Gerson therapy to daily therapy plans, patients can pursue their nutrition therapies, while receiving state of the art biological cancer therapies. This approach is particularly interesting during block and contingency therapies, as patients learn during their stay in our clinic how to apply a modified Gerson therapy once they are back home.

Depending on the regulative cancer therapies by Dr Wolf a patient is pursuing, a modified Gerson therapy is added.

Patients become actively involved with this regulative cancer therapy through an organic and vegetarian diet with raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements. Patients who engage in our regulative cancer therapy with the Gerson Diet will be provided with techniques, how-to-guides and the entire therapy sessions in addition to their regulative cancer therapy modules. Please note, that we don’t serve Gerson juices within our clinic, patients prepare juices for themselves in their accommodation.

What we treat

The Hyperthermia Centre in Hannover is among the top alternative cancer treatment clinics in Germany; it opened its doors in 1983 and has specialised in treating cancer through hyperthermia and other biological types of treatments. Find out more what we treat:

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The types of cancer the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover treats is vast, especially when considering the different subforms. During the past 30 years Dr. Peter Wolf has gained a lot of experience in the treatment of various cancer and subforms of cancer. Below you find more informations about chronic diseases, the types of cancer and how a treatment could proceed.