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With 6-Shogaol against cancer. Important information & all possibilities.

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New drug against cancer discovered!

6-Shogaol: Ginger contains a natural component that kills up to 10,000 times more effective tumor and cancer cells than the drugs used in chemotherapy. This has been demonstrated by a recent study in Saudi Arabia. The biochemical is known as 6-shogaol and is produced during drying and cooking of ginger roots. 6-Shogaol is active against tumor stem cells in concentrations which are harmless for healthy cells, according to the scientists. The study published in the Journal of Biomedicine & Biotechnology shows that raw ginger extract can inhibit the proliferation of breast cancer cells. At the same time, the researchers found that the extract did not affect the growth of healthy cells. This is a big difference from conventional chemotherapy, which causes severe side effects.

With the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover and 6-Shogaol against cancer!

Together with the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover and 6-Shogaol against cancer!

As the only biological clinic in Germany, 6-Shogaol is used as part of an infusion therapy at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover. The best results have so far been achieved in the control of prostate cancer cells, in cervical cancer and in the treatment of breast cancer.

In addition to chemotherapy, 6-Shogaol can also be successfully used for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer effects.

Ginger drives cancer cells to death

A study by Rajiv-Gandhi-Center-for-Biotechnology researchers in Kerala, India, showed that 6-Shogaol acts against breast cancer cells in multiple ways and does not harm healthy tissue, as does conventional cancer treatment. The breast cancer stem cells, also referred to as “mother cells”, are “central control center” cancer stem cells in a variety of cancers, not only in breast cancer. These “maternal cells” are responsible for the production of the various “daughter cell types” that build tumor colonies, so these cancer stem cells are able to renew themselves and are very resistant to conventional chemotherapeutic agents.

Eliminating cancer stem cells, referred to as “mother cells” is the only way to ensure that the body can overcome cancer. 6-Shogaol kills only diseased cells. Unlike conventional cancer therapies, 6-Shogaol eliminates only diseased cells, healthy cells remain undamaged. And 6-Shogaol is very active in combating cancer stem cells, hereby cancer-destroying effects occur at concentrations that are not toxic to healthy body cells, which means that this particular ingredient of the ginger only kills cancer cells. Medical scientists speak of selective cytotoxicity.

In breast cancer, 6-Shogaol significantly affects the cell cycle, leading to increased death of cancer cells and inhibits the formation of tumors. Researchers at the University of Texas demonstrated the success of 6-Shogaol in the treatment of prostate cancer cells. Their experiments in mice demonstrated that the components of ginger inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cells. On average, the tumor weight in mice with ginger extract was 53 percent lower than in normal-mice.


New hope for many patients who had already given up hope of healing. A treatment with 6-Shogaol is carried out at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover as an intensive infusion therapy according to a previously defined treatment plan. After injections into the body, the highly potent agent finds the malignant tumor cells and, without any side effects, has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumoral effects.

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