Visualisation techniques, energy work and physical exercises are all part of self empowerment.

Self-empowerment is all about mobilizing your will.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a crisis either due to an illness, a divorce or a disaster. We are shocked and we might lose control. One of the first issues is to get back in control of ourselves and possibly even emerge stronger from the situation.

At the heart of self-empowernment is the individual, developing person. Making sense out of it, is a daunting task and sometimes impossible, but we can emerge stronger.

Learn how your nutritions are a vital element through which you can positively influence our metabolism processes. Get the details on our Gerson diet, emerge in it and set yourself new goals all while avoiding sugarsalt and processed food.

Do nice things more often and shape the process of searching for them. Various techniques are available in our clinic and our staff is here to help you.

Engage in daily sports activity, like cardiac training, as it actively stimulates the production of killing cells. Killing cells are naturally in our blood and they help to prevent metastasis from spreading and fulfil an important role within our immune system.

Learn which food supplements can be used to promote your health situation and what to expect from them (minimal dosages). Dr Wolf and his team are here to help you in those questions.

Use visualisation techniques to become stronger and reemerge in your new situation. Anyone can learn visualisation techniques and use them in their daily lives.