Therapy plans – Biological Cancer Therapy

The Biological therapy plans at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover are tailored for your individual condition and your schedule.

Whether you start your individual biological therapies in our clinic with a block therapy and switch to a contingency therapy or start with a contingency therapy and switch to a block therapy will depend on many factors. Together, we find therapeutic solutions and we will guide you in your therapy choices by respecting your individual therapy wishes.

People accompanying you during your time at our clinic can benefit from our regeneration therapies. Simply ask us about our special quotes.

Block therapies

Block therapies are a means of initiating a regeneration process and are done on a weekly or monthly basis. Patients spend weeks or months at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover.

During that time they pursue their individual therapy models according to their schedule and the time frame they have chosen to stay at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover. Very often block therapies start off with a first time visit to our clinic and lead to contingency therapies during the regeneration phases. Depending on a patients health situation, they continue with block therapies after the regeneration and contingency therapy period. During that time, patients can do diagnosis covered by their medical insurance in their home country.

Contingency therapies

Contingency therapies are conducted over a longer period of time.

Most patients who receive block therapies, will endeavor in a contingency therapy once they decide to go back home.

Contingency therapies can include therapies from a patients individual therapy plan during their stay in our clinic and therapies they can conduct at home. Typical therapies patients can conduct at home are infusion therapies or the Gerson therapy. These therapies can be conducted immediately after your stay in our clinic and can enhance therapy results.

Patient coming from far away often use a combination of block and contingency therapies in order to optimise therapy times, time at home and their time within our clinic.