Lyme disease therapy – Alternative Treatment & Therapie

Lyme disease is characterized by very different and diverse symptoms such as :

  • Eye rash (erythema migraines)
  • Unexplained muscle pain
  • Paralysis of the face or of one or more extremities (arm/leg)
  • Joint pain, in particular from one to the other joint (ie variable)
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Difficulty in finding single words (the right words)
  • Depression

Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease. The eye rash is a painless, centrifugally spreading skin redness that does not itch and is lighter in their midst. Per day, the redness spreads to about 3mm. Several eye rashes at different skin sites can also occur.

because Lyme disease is a ” chameleon ” among the infectious diseases, it is best treated using a holistic and integrative Lyme disease treatment protocol, treating the intestine, intestinal flora, and immune system.

Integrative Lyme disease treatment
The Hyperthermia Centre Hannover,  Lyme disease treatment is based on our holistic approach to healing.

Patients are treated holistically using our Regulation therapies and Regeneration therapies while combining them with whole body hyperthermia.
Here is a more detailed overview on what our lyme disease therapy includes:

  1. Whole-body hyperthermia
  2. Photodynamic laser therapy
  3. Infusion therapy with vitamin C
  4. Immune system stimulation
  5. Deacidification and detoxification treatment
  6. Nutrition counseling
  7. Medication

Lyme disease
Lyme disease or relapsing fever, as the infections with different Borrelia bacteria are also called, are multisystem disorders affecting our organs, nervous system, joints and tissues. Lyme disease can also simulate every conceivable clinical symptom.

The borrelia bacteria are extremely adaptable and versatile. They elude the immune system, or make it work to their benefit. Borrelia bacteria change their shape constantly, and so they cannot be recognized by immune cells. Antibiotics have a limited effect against borrelia bacterial strains because the borrelia bacteria often hide in nerves, cartilage, or other perfused tissues throughout the body.

Patients often suffer from a varying combination of general symptoms such as tiredness and fatigue, skin lesions and neurological symptoms. In severe cases, chronic diseases and permanent neurologic damages, such as paralysis, muscle atrophy and pain may develop. Lyme disease is a complex disease that requires complex solutions.

Our biological Lyme therapy covers the most important aspects of this chronic disease. At the Hyperthermia Center Hannover, we tailor our Lyme disease therapies not only against the number of findings a patient may present (fatigue, pain, disorders) but also the intestine, intestinal flora, excretory organs and the immune system as a whole.

The treatment of Lyme disease is an interdisciplinary challenge of the various disciplines in medicine due to the multiple organ infestation it may develop.

Things  lyme disease patients should avoid
There are a number of issues a lyme disease patient should consistently avoid because they may adversely affect the course the disease.

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You can find a concrete example for the course of a Lyme disease therapy here.