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Multiple sclerosis therapy by Dr. Nieper
In our office we offer the Nieper program against multiple sclerosis, with colaminphosphate salts (calcium EAP, calcium colaminphosphates), other minerals and vitamins. This medication repairs the chemical and electrical defects of the cell membranes.

MS – The disease with a thousand faces
In Germany, an estimated 130.000 people develop multiple sclerosis every year. The disease usually appears between the ages of 20 to 40 and affects more women than men. It seems to emerge more frequently in countries with a temperate climate (1 case in 2000) or in countries with extensive milk consumption and less in the tropics (1 in every 1.000.000). Multiple sclerosis may affect the brain and/or the spinal cord. Inflammation centres thereby destroy the isolating layer, myelin, of the brain or the spinal cord. Scar tissue not capable of transmitting nerve signals is formed. This gives the disease its name; multiple sclerosis – many scars. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are multifaceted. They include:

  • Inflammation of the optic nerve, amiopia – double vision
  • Facial paralysis
  • Uncertain movements
  • Dizziness
  • Trembling
  • Speech disorders
  • Paralysis
  • Bladder and rectum disorders
  • Increased muscle tension
  • Sensation disorders

Course and causes of the disease

The course of a case of MS is unpredictable. The disease proceeds in stages; symptoms may appear and disappear again in more or less prolonged periods of time. Some forms of the disease proceed slowly; the symptoms remain and worsen consistently. The more fortunate forms of MS – and such cases do amount to 30 to 40 percent after all – feature very infrequent episodes of the disease. Often many years, even decades, pass between individual episodes. Principally, it is very difficult to predict the individual course of the disease. Although there are still no unambiguous findings about the development of MS, medical scientists have identified various factors which may promote the appearance of MS. Environmental pollution such as domestic toxins, solvents, but also metallic toxins such as aluminium and dental metals (mercury, copper and palladium, etc.) are thought to be harmful to membranes and the nervous system. Exposure to frequencies by means of wireless DECT telephones, mobile phones or high-voltage power lines as well as parasites, bacteria and viruses may be also play a role in the development of the disease. Scientists attribute a key role in the development of MS to the Epstein-Barr virus, for instance, but also to borreliosis. Mental factors often prompt incidences or trigger various episodes of the disease. It is impossible however, to attribute a single cause to the development of MS. A better explanation is that the organism is weakened by many factors and over a prolonged period of time and eventually succumbs to specific pathogens. The body is no longer able to deal with the pathogens and terminate chronic stress on its own accord.

Professional consultation and a detailed medical diagnosis including MRI and intensive neurological examinations are indispensible tasks prior to the treatment of MS. Our medical practice places great emphasis on advanced diagnostic investigation, e.g. by means of the VEGA test. The test measures the body’s bioresonance to various test substances on a spot on the skin of the hand which is determined prior to the test. Depending on the resonance, different substances may trigger stress and the body will respond with a clear “yes” or “no” according to the individual pattern. The alterations in the values indicated by the test apparatus allow for the rapid and reliable definition of relations and causes of the disease. The test procedure enables us to specify causes such as organ stress, allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal balance, metabolism, impact of toxins and pathogens as well as dental sources of strain. An exact diagnosis of viruses, parasites and bacteria in the patient’s body is also vital.

We offer MS patients treatment with bioresonance therapy. This approach is used to eliminate the established causes of irritation thus allowing the body to re-regulate. In a process that is not painful electrodes are used to connect the patient to the bioresonance apparatus, and the body’s electromagnetic fields are tracked. The process receives and reads both healthy and abnormal oscillations and subsequently feeds the findings into the bioresonance apparatus. The abnormal oscillations are then separated by the machine; their image is converted and returned to the body electronically magnified. The same method is used to feed the patient’s healthy resonances back to the body after electronic magnification. This process is very important as any form of therapy can only gain a foothold when the body is able to self-regulate itself well. Attention must also be paid to the complex relations between body and psyche. Discussions about the mental condition of the patient are thus an essential part of holistic treatment. In many cases, the onset of an episode of the disease is marked by mental or physical strain. Quite often, a change of lifestyle leads to noticeable improvement and in some cases even to complete recovery from the disease.

Treatment with orthomolecular substances
From the orthomolecular point of view, diseases always lead to a biochemical imbalance in the body. Natural substances such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, amino acids as well as further vital substances provide for a rebalancing. They are more compatible with and beneficial for the body and carry less risk than chemical drugs. An optimal supply of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary herbal substances reduces oxidative stress in the body, and immunological processes are thus positively influenced.

Multiple sclerosis and your diet
An appropriate diet also positively influences the course of the disease. Appropriate diet particularly means the reduction of fatty acids from meat and animal fats – an exception is fish oil – and the increase of unsaturated fatty acids from plants (very beneficial: olive oil). This contributes to reducing pro-inflammatory substances. The reason: Meat and butter contain large doses of the fatty acid arachidonic acid – a precursor of pro-inflammatory messengers. The Omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish on the other hand impede pro-inflammatory messengers. Thus, salmon, mackerels, herrings and sardines should more frequently feature on the menu.

Infusion treatment with calcium eap
This treatment for MS was originally developed by Dr. Nieper and adopted by our practice. It is based on administering so-called colamine phosphate salts (Calcium AEP). The substance is a highly effective means to seal cell membranes and thus provide protection against viruses, bacteria and toxic antibodies. AEP salts also act as neurotransmitters which are necessary for the bond or flow of electrical currents on cell membranes.

Non toxic holistic therapies for multiple sclerosis

On our credentials page you find many samples of cancer therapies, also for the treatment of Multiple sclerosis: