Biological breast cancer therapies

Breast cancer is the main form of cancer that women are likely to develop, just like prostate cancer is in the case of men. Every year, 60.000 new women receive a breast cancer diagnosis in Germany. A new observation related to this number is that patients are younger than they were a few years ago. Nevertheless, breast cancer can be treated completely if it is recognised in time.

A common response to the diagnose breast cancer is fear, anxiety and a feeling of helplessness. “What shall I do and what can I do? What are the most effective therapies for me?” These are some of the most important questions that many patients ask themselves and their doctors.

Once you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, try to learn more about your condition and about the available treatment options. On this page, we will present you some information about non-toxic cancer therapies, as opposed to classical chemotherapy.

Non-toxic breast cancer therapies
Biological or non-toxic cancer therapies view breast cancer not as an isolated disease, but rather as a symptom of the entire organism which needs attention. A non-toxic cancer therapy plan is therefore composed of therapies and medication, combined with visits at the clinic and with rest at home, during which patients continue with the treatment. Therapies, medications, and nutrition considerations that are included depend on specific factors like the size of the tumour, its stage, biological characteristics, DNA, age, life style and emotional state of the patient.

Advantages of a non-toxic breast cancer therapy

  • No risky operation.
  • No narcosis.
  • No side effects.
  • No complications, no pain.

At Hyperthermia Centre in Hannover, Germany we have a vast experience in non-toxic breast cancer therapies. In accordance to our patient-focused approach, we combine breast cancer hyperthermia, detoxifiation and infusion therapies (such as high dosage Vitamin C and amygdalin B17) into your personalized biological cancer therapy plan.

Breast cancer therapies offered at the hyperthermia centre hannover


  • Breast carcinoma
  • Breast cancer recurrence
  • Breast cancer metastases

For three decades now, at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover patients have been recieving non-toxic breast cancer therapies, that put the individual in the center of the medical focus, and not the treatment of the symptoms, with standardised, one-size-fits-all cancer therapies.

The holistic medicine we apply takes special care of the individual needs and lifestyle of our patients. Physical and emotional states are an important aspect  of our therapy plans. An important milestone in non toxic cancer medicine is to increase the life quality of patients despite the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Our beast cancer therapies do not stop with you leaving our premises. An oral medication is often accompanied by an infusions therapy plan that patients can continue at home where they are physically and emotional comfortable.

Ask about your treatment options

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