Kidney cell cancer – Alternative Treatment & Therapie

Kidney cell cancer is a tumour of the kidneys and a degeneration of the tubule cells in the renal cortex. It makes up approximately two percent of all malignant tumours in adults. The peak age is between 45 and 50. Currently about six or seven people per 100,000 per year are diagnosed with this disease, men more frequently than women.

Scar tissue changes, excessive consumption of painkillers and smoking are being discussed as associated causes of kidney cell cancer.

With kidney cell cancer the patient has no complaints in the early stages, so it often can only  be detected at an advanced stage. Classic symptoms are blood in the urine (which is painless for patients) and pain in the kidney capsule or in the flank. But be aware, these are symptoms that appear later rather than earlier in the condition! Metastases are already present in one-third of the patients at the time of the diagnosis!

About half of the kidney tumours become apparent by external noticeable symptoms like high blood pressure and back pain, or symptoms of already existing metastases in various organs. Blood clots in the urethra from tumour bleeding can be the first symptom of a kidney colic. In later stages of the disease, the patient reports loss of energy, weight loss, night sweats and sometimes fever.

Ultrasound is the first step towards a more accurate assessment of the kidney condition. Also punctures of suspicious masses in the kidney can be made and histologically assessed by the pathologist. An IV Urography is an X-ray, with a kidney-suitable contrast agent, can provide insights into the urine flow, and assess the function of the healthy kidney. A computed tomography of the abdomen is performed to determine the spread of the tumour. X-rays of the chest (thorax) and if necessary a skeletal scintigraphy and a brain MRI (magnetic resonance) can identify any associated metastases.

At the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover we recommend for the treatment of kidney cell cancer the following therapies:


Patients with kidney cell cancer can be treated using the healing-effects of an oncolytic virotherapy. A virotherapy basically uses natural viruses to destroy cancer cells. The Virotherapy consists of several injections according to a Virotherapy treatment protocol and has very few side-effects. Dr. Mohamed Ali Zayen at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover is a certified specialist of Virotherapy RIGVIR®. Our Virotherapy protocol is an outpatient treatment and provided to you according to an individual treatment plan. The interval of RIGVIR® injections are different from one treatment protocol to another.

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Whole body Hyperthermia
The healing effect of whole-body hyperthermia for patients with kidney cell cancer is that we can very quickly bring the body to high temperatures (up 40.5 °). This fast and high heating activates not only the immune system, but many degenerate Tubular cells of the renal cortex are destroyed by the fast floods of heat. In addition to the damage or removal of the cancer cells, the whole-body hyperthermia stimulates the immune system significantly without impacting the rest of the body. It triggers an immune cascade that activates and multiplies the white blood cells.
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Loco regional Hyperthermia
Regional effective hyperthermia is also advisable for kidney cell cancer. During this treatment the affected region is quickly heated to high temperatures (40 up to 44 ° C). This heat activates the immune system. Also, many cells of the tubular cells of the renal cortex will be harmed or destroyed. In our day clinic at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover we offer also the partial body hyperthermia depending on the diagnosis, and only damaged or degenerated tissue is overheated, which guarantees very gentle treatment to our patients.
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The Wega test is performed on patients with kidney cell cancer using a low pulse current device which is used to search for interference fields in the body by means of electrical stimulation. In addition, the therapists at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover can derive details of the condition of the energy level of a patient, which is extremely helpful for the efficient treatment of kidney cell cancer: Based on Electro acupuncture, according to Dr. Voll, the Wega-test detects inflammation, organ stress or interference fields in the posterior region, or recognizes organ correlations and analyses the effect of viruses, bacteria or pollutants.
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During bio-resonance testing we analyse in the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover, interfering substances and their effect on the body of patients with kidney cell cancer. This is very fast and is completely painless. In many cases we can find which problem in the patient can lead to ill health (such as heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, Electro Smog, dental materials, allergens etc.), which is essential for an efficient treatment of Kidney Cell cancer. As an essential addition to other treatments and examinations, the bio-resonance testing can give important diagnostic and therapeutic assistance.
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Nutritional counselling / therapy
Nutritional counselling / therapy.  Diet alone cannot defeat kidney cell cancer, but vital substance-rich whole food nutrition and enough fibre can help inhibit the growth of cancer, along with the secondary plant compounds contained in many types of vegetables such as carotenoids and chlorophyll. We are happy to advise about appropriate diets that will suit you.
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The nutritional therapy of Dr. Gerson, aims at detoxifying the body with simultaneous addition of many fresh nutrients, which is particularly useful for patients with kidney cell cancer. This therapy is offered directly at the hyperthermia Centre Hannover. The therapy includes special juices, fresh and elaborately prepared and taken throughout the day, along with essentially high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables. These are carefully prepared, partly as fresh food, in special soups, or gently cooked and steamed to contain their healing powers. The Gerson therapy is low in fat, low in sodium and proteins.
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We especially recommend for our patients with kidney cell cancer at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover, a special detoxification therapy: a coffee-enema where coffee is passed though the gut. In the rectum, the coffee is absorbed through the intestinal mucosa into the blood and reaches the liver directly. This is done via the portal vein system. The portal vein collects the blood from the digestive organs and carries it to the liver. This portal venous blood contains also metabolites and toxins from these organs. These harmful substances along with caffeine are reduced again in the liver our No. 1 detoxification organ.

Infusions with „Vitamin“ B17
Vitamin B17 is used in the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover for the treatment of kidney cell cancer. Through the interaction of enzymes, increasingly toxic prussic acids are formed in degenerated cells which lead to the death of tumour cells. A therapy with this substance, also known as Amygdalin, is an alternative or complementary therapy and not only useful for the treatment of kidney cell cancer, but also for several other types of tumours.
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Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes must be available in the right amount and in the right relationship to each other in the body. In the case of diseases, poor living habits or an unbalanced diet, this relationship can be significantly reduced. We identify for you the deficient substances with a comprehensive laboratory test, and offer infusions tailored to your constitution and specifically aimed at the kidney Cell cancer indicated in order to resolve deficiencies in micro – and macro-nutrients. The infusions can contain amino acids (E.g. glycine, glutamine, taurine, cysteine, carnithin, carnosine, arginine, glutathione and so forth) and/or trace elements and mineral substances (such as zinc, selenium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and so forth) and vitamins (such as C and B-complex).
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Selenium is one of the essential and vitally necessary trace elements which are included in intracellular enzymes. We recommend for our patients with kidney Cell cancer selenium in a high dose form – in combination with reduced L-glutathione and L-cysteine – as an effective strong antioxidant. As the administration is done through an infusion, the substances are not going through the gastrointestinal tract so they are immediately usable for the body, in a friendly available form.
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